Re: Learning more about you #poll

Ed Worrell <ed.worrell@...>

Hello Ashley and Kosta,

I would love to see the return of the half screen or standard sized keyboard. I would like to see dictionary words show up in the suggestions list closer to the top or even as the preferred options. I have a couple of low vision friends and clients that would love to see high contrasts modes. For me the standard sized keyboard would be at the top of my list..
Ed Worrell

On Jul 23, 2018, at 3:02 PM, Chuck Dean <> wrote:

Hi Kosta.
My wish list in order of importance is:

Text replacements via shortcuts.
Half screen keyboard to interact with different text fields.
The ability to customize the symbols keyboard.
A cursor position announcement when returning to FlickType after dismissing the keyboard.
The ability to customize the colors and look of the keyboard.
I would also like to see the predictive engine prioritize the suggestions by past use. ( I don't know if this is even possible )
The predictive engine to

On Jul 23, 2018, at 1:11 PM, FlickType <> wrote:

Hi Alpha Group,

Would you please send us your wish list for what you'd like for us to work on next? We're going to be sending the poll as well as asking what the larger group would like for us to work on next and we'd appreciate your suggestions before sending it out.


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