Re: Whatsapp crashing. Re: [FlickType-alpha] Build 131

Salman Haider

So far it’s only happening on one thread for me, but it may change. I hope not, otherwise, I will pretty much have to revert to the Flicktype classic app since WhatsApp is probably the app that I use most often with Flicktype. That, and FB Messenger. Very strange behavior. And quite frustrating

On Jul 12, 2018, at 5:49 PM, David Nason <> wrote:

Hi Salman and Kosta,

This issue has continued to occur to me too in recent days.
Sometimes it will crash once and then be ok, but other times a specific message thread will just continue to crash no matter how many times I try it.
It's not always the same message thread either, it's currently affecting a different one to the one being affected most often when I first reported it.

Of course it could be the case that WhatsApp has a bug with third party keyboards, as opposed to an issue with FlickType. Might be worth contacting them too.

On 12 Jul 2018, at 22:29, FlickType <> wrote:

Salman, could you please send us a couple of the latest crash reports for WhatsApp that may be on your device? You can find those under iOS Settings, Privacy, Analytics, Analytics Data.


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