Re: Build 137

Chanelle Allen

Hi Kosta
In my testing, there are no spaces between quotation marks and punctuation marks or letters, and there is a space between the end of a sentence and an emoji. Those issues have been fixed. However, I discovered a peculiar bug when typing a quotation mark at the beginning of a sentence. Here's a sample sentence. "hello, how are you?"
You will notice that the word hello in that sentence was not capitalized even though it was the first word. When writing the quotation mark, I use a two finger double tap to toggle numbers. After typing the quote, I perform another two finger double tap to switch to letters. FlickType announces "Letters lowercase." a two finger single tap toggles to uppercase. I type the word at the beginning of my sentence. But ... FlickType spells out each suggestion with the first letter in lowercase. To work around the problem, I flick left to delete, turn on uppercase, and then finally hear my desired word with a capital letter. I cannot find any FlickType logs with today's date. I was practicing with the Drafts app, but the example has been reproduced in Mail as well. I have an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.4.1, released Monday.
Thank you.

On Jul 11, 2018, at 01:44, David Nason <> wrote:

Hi Kosta,

I too can confirm that the quotation marks are now working correctly, with no crashes.

On 11 Jul 2018, at 01:00, Benny Barber <> wrote:

In my testing of the quote and emoji spacing, everything worked just fine. Good work, Kosta. Thanks

On Jul 10, 2018, at 6:27 PM, FlickType <> wrote:

Please test the new quote and emoji spacing functionality and report any unexpected behavior, ideally with a small reproducible example.

What's new:
- Crash fix

- A space will now be inserted before the first typed emoji. No spaces will be inserted between consecutive emojis.
- Unwanted spaces around quotes will now be stripped.
- FlickType hint announcements have been limited to the first 3 times since launching the keyboard. This will reset whenever the keyboard is relaunched, which happens if you reboot your device, if you update FlickType, if FlickType crashed, or if full access is toggled in the settings. So while this won't prevent the hints entirely for those who really don't need them, it will silence them for the vast majority of the cases.

Thank you for testing FlickType!

Kosta and Ashley

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