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Salman Haider

I would agree with all of what Dave has here.

On Jul 7, 2018, at 8:48 PM, David Nason <> wrote:

Hi all,

Some people have been mentioning what they would like to see in terms of development. So I thought I'd send out my own wishlist.

Larger dictionary. All too often I tap out relatively common words but find they are not in the dictionary, or not offered to me, so have to type it out manually.
More variations / derivitives of words. For example the plural of many common nouns are not in the dictionary. And different tenses of verbs. For example, I try to type "subscribed". FlickType offers me "subscriber" as the first option, showing that I got the pattern right, but neither "subscribed" or "subscribes" appear in the suggestions list at all.
Learn what I type. For example, I type my name, "Dave" regularly, signing emails etc. However it almost never offers me "Dave" as the first suggestion, usually offering "face" first, with "Dave" appearing somewhere in the list requiring me to swipe down. No matter how many times I have made this change, it still never offers me "Dave" first.
Better accuracy of manual typing. It still sometimes selects the letter beside the one I wanted.
Insert a space before the first emoji that comes after words or punctuation. I say this because I would want a space in that case, but I do not want a space between two emoji characters.
Fix for issue with FlickType inserting spaces before or after quotation marks. Currently I have to go back through my text with the iOS keyboard to fix these. I'm not sure about this one because sometimes I get unwanted spaces and sometimes I don't, so maybe there is a trick to it, or maybe it behaves differently depending on whether the word inside the quotes was tapped or manually touch typed?
Support for text expansion shortcuts. Preferably accessing the ones I've already created in iOS settings.
Option to switch off the announcements when you open the keyboard. Related to this, the keyboard is sometimes slow to become responsive when opened.

The half screen keyboard would be nice to see too, if full functionality could be added and we could fully interact with the elements of the app in the top half of the screen, but for me the above list would take priority.

What do other people think?


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