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Ed Worrell

Hello all,

I too like chuck use Fleksy and flicktype. I and really wanting to have a smaller version of flicktype. That's why I suggest a mode option...
This could be implemented in the setting portion of the app. It would allow you to select which mode you would like FlickType presented in when you start editing a text feild. When someone installs and runs the keyboard for the first time the keyboard will be in full screen mode. In settings you could have the option to have flicktype present itself in standard mode, this would be the same size as the default ios keyboard... You could leave the flick gesture to increase or decrease the size of the keyboard.

For example here's how I would run the keyboard with this option.
I would make the keyboard side standard. This would be great for answering text messages, searching the app store. Basicly for little everyday things that don't take up much time. This would be the default method of text entry for me.

Now lets say I need to peck out a lengthy email such as this one. I would perform the three finger flick up and have the full screen keyboard at my finger tips. The full screen keyboard would allow me to more comfortably bake a longer string of text without the need to be as precise.

This would be the dream keyboard for me in my everyday use.


On Jul 7, 2018, at 3:10 PM, Chuck Dean <> wrote:

Hi Benny,
Yes, my vision, and probably most people's vision of a half screen keyboard is a smaller keyboard that can be used like FlickType's tap typing and still have the ability to interact with the text fields and iPhone functions above.
Perhaps this is not possible with the way FlickType operates. I also use fleksy, which works exactly like the iOS keyboard, in minimal mode, except it allows tap typing. If you happen to stray above the keyboard, nothing really happens and you can continue typing. Personally, I would continue using Fleksy's minimal keyboard if they fixed its two main flaws, the predictive engine is not as good as FlickType, and if it had a much easier way to toggle to the iOS keyboard. Fleksy also has a stuttering problem, but so did I when I was a kid, so I can live with it.😎

I answered 23 emails this morning using FlickType. The first four I was changing between the half screen and full screen until it locked up. Then I restarted my iPhone and finished the other emails by switching between the iOS keyboard and the full screen FlickType keyboard, which I found much easier to and much more stable.

I mention this to Kosta because I think this is taking a wrong direction, has very little, if any benefit over changing to the iOS keyboard, and, in my opinion will not be well received by the general public. I'd rather see Kosta use his extreme talents on a better solution.


On Jul 7, 2018, at 12:51 PM, Benny Barber <> wrote:


I understand what you are saying and I assume you would prefer a smaller
full featured tap typing keyboard. I just don't know if smaller is a good
idea for those of us with unusable or no vision,. If Kosta can make the
current version work a little more crisper and consistent, I can use this
version just fine. Just my opinion. Thanks.


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Hi kosta,

I have played with Build 133 for a while, I really do not see an advantage
with this keyboard over just switching between the FlickType and iOS
When I leave this email, I will switch to the iOS keyboard, which will open
the next email I send, ready to input my contact. I realize you put a lot of
work into this,

But I don't get it.

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