Re: Build 133

Benny Barber


I like where you are going with this.

I would like there to be consistency in the focus when the custom keyboard
is invoked. Sometimes it will open, the initial announcements are spoken
and you can start tap typing immediately (optimal scenario). Other times
when it opens there are no announcements. If I start typing, the initial
announcements begin to speak and I have to clear my taps and start over. As
stated in an earlier email, I would prefer the option to toggle off the
initial tutor announcements. I would prefer the announcement to simply be
"FlickType Full Screen" or FlickType Standard Screen".

When one does the 3 finger flick up or down, I would like the same FlickType
screen announcement (Full or Standard). With the 3 finger gesture either
way, I would like to see the focus to remain in the custom keyboard until
you either touch near the top of the screen or flick out of the standard
screen. I understand to put focus back into the standard screen, that you
must either flick back into it or touch in it. Of course when you 3 finger
flick up, the focus should be immediate and ready to tap type in the full
screen. For clarity, when I say "focus", I mean "in a ready to type Mode".

I don't think I am in favor of a standard sized full featured tap typing
screen. Maybe those that have some usable vision may prefer that, but if
you have limited or no vision some of the gestures could be difficult,
especially some of the 3 finger gestures and any other flick up or down
gestures that might be introduced. Again, this is just my opinion. I
respect those that have differing thoughts. Thanks.


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Another experimental build, based on some of the earlier feedback.

- Added a 3-finger flick up and down gesture to switch between fullscreen
and standard size modes. Standard size is the same size as the iOS keyboard,
and only supports touch typing. The idea is that you would use the standard
size mode instead of dismissing the keyboard entirely, and potentially
resume fullscreen typing with a 3-finger flick up. The keyboard will commit
all changes to the underlying textfield upon entering standard size mode.
The keyboard will always default to fullscreen mode when popping up.

Please keep the ideas and thoughts coming, smile!

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