Re: Build 133

Benny Barber

Ok, I'm trying to buy into the latest version. Sometimes the 3 finger gesture does not always work. I have to do it multiple times to get it to work. Sometimes in the full screen, I will start to do the 3 finger flick down and VoiceOver will say space.
Their doesn't seem to be adequate notification if you have changed from full or standard screen. With limited vision, sometimes I don't know which screen I'm in. The inconsistency of the 3 finger flick up and down contributes to this.
In the messages app and in standard screen, when you touch in the top the focus is random. I wish focus would be in the text message that you just typed. You have to find the message and then you can swipe to the send button. This may be an iOS issue. Maybe more later. Thanks.

On Jul 7, 2018, at 1:57 AM, FlickType <> wrote:

Another experimental build, based on some of the earlier feedback.

- Added a 3-finger flick up and down gesture to switch between fullscreen and standard size modes. Standard size is the same size as the iOS keyboard, and only supports touch typing. The idea is that you would use the standard size mode instead of dismissing the keyboard entirely, and potentially resume fullscreen typing with a 3-finger flick up. The keyboard will commit all changes to the underlying textfield upon entering standard size mode. The keyboard will always default to fullscreen mode when popping up.

Please keep the ideas and thoughts coming, smile!

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