Re: Build 132 now it's working


Thank you Chuck.

Just to confirm, was it restarting your device that seems to have fixed the issue, or did reinstalling initially helped to some extent? And did you initially restart your device after upgrading to 132, or did you only do so after experiencing the issue?

We’re trying to identify what are the minimum and easiest steps that we’d recommend to other users if they have similar issues. So far we’ve found that restarting the device, even though a bit drastic, might be the simplest measure to combat all sorts of unexpected behavior.

Also, what iOS version are you currently running?


On Jul 5, 2018, at 15:53, Chuck Dean <> wrote:

Hello Kosta,
I reinstalled and restarted my iPhone and now build 132 is acting as expected. Something must have gone wrong with the first install because nothing would happen if I tapped above the keyboard. BTW I had the same thing happen while typing this reply the first time so I restarted the iPhone. This happened when I tried using the three finger hole to hear what I had typed, but I think one of my fingers was above the keyboard.
If this is working as expected, its pretty cool... Being able to interact with all fields and send buttons.😎

Good job!👍


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