Build 132 half screen keyboard.

Chuck Dean

Build 132 half screen keyboard.
Hello Kosta,
First, I like the half screen keyboard because I can interact with all the fields while sending an email.
I understand this is experimental, but I can not get text into a field unless I change or dismiss the keyboard,. The ability to interact with all text fields without having change the keyboard is paramount to its success.
But you already know that.

The size of the keyboard is fine, smaller may be better.
Typing is just as good as the other keyboards, no lag or stutter.

Its unfortunate that FlickType can't enter the text directly into a text field, this would also allow text replacements to be used.

I was wondering if turning off all typing echo and feedback would stop the stuttering, but a quick test with fleksy told me no.

Obviously, the half screen keyboard is much more complicated than any of us expected. But this shows great promise.

BTW this was typed on FlickType Classic... Old reliable! 😎


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