Build 128

Benny Barber



Just tried out build 128.  Still having the same problems.  I first went through google search, then mail search and then youtube search.  The first tries at all 3 of these worked fine.  I went through each of these a second time, but had problems.  When I pulled up google, I tapped on search, the FlickType keyboard came up and as I would call it, the keyboard was asleep (there was no audio announcement that FlickType was active).  I tapped on the screen and it became active.  I then entered a search request.  I noticed on this second try that the search button was not labeled as such (search).  The button was labeled as dismiss this time.  The first time; when it worked properly, the button was labeled as search.  I tapped on dismiss.  The keyboard was dismissed and my search request was entered in the search field, but the search button was apparently not activated.  This was repeated on the second youtube search as well.  The button was improperly labeled as dismiss and the search request was not activated when tapping dismiss.  I tried a couple of more times and the screen locked again as it did this afternoon around 3:00 my time (CDT).  The second time it locked was about 5:27 CDT.


When I do a search in the mail app, the button to activate the search will sometimes be labeled search and sometimes it will be labeled dismiss.  Even with that, the search works properly in the mail app.  I also noticed in the mail app that wen FlickType comes up for a search, it always has the audio announcement that flickType is active.  The alternating label for the button has been the only thing I noticed in the mail app.  Thanks.



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