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Hi Kosta and Ashley, 

I really like the swipe right gesture for activating search, go, done etc. I've tried it in a few apps and it works very well indeed. Here's hoping iOS 12 will open the door for a similar way to press send in messages. 

I've not encountered the phonetics issue others have mentioned with this build. 

I do have a question though regarding words being automatically added to the dictionary. Last night I was texting my friends about the world cup. I went to type croatia at the start of my sentence. It wasn't in my dictionary so I typed it manually. No problem. So once the text was sent its in my dictionary. Perfect. But are words at the start of a sentence that weren't in the dictionary automatically added with a capital letter at the start? Obviously in this case I want that to be the situation so when I type croatia in future it's capitalised but this might not always be the case? Not a huge issue at all, just something that crossed my mind. 

Keep up the good work, 


On 2 Jul 2018, at 07:36, George Cham <George.cham@...> wrote:

Ok, the search button really works.
 when I went to safari I typed in text.
I then went to the lower right, VoiceOver said go.
When I launched Flick Type keyboard, Voiceover said become a beta tester.  I really feel that   the predictive engine is not working as well as in      previous bills because I tried multiple times to try to type the word when and it wouldn’t work.

Kind regards,

George Cham

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From: <> on behalf of FlickType <hello@...>
Sent: Monday, July 2, 2018 4:03:55 PM
Subject: [FlickType-alpha] Build 124
Internal changes. Full changelog since the last beta, build #119, follows below:

- Return key actions: Using the return key or the new line gesture on text fields with a return key label of "Search", "Done", "Go" or similar will trigger that action and dismiss the keyboard. Note that this will not yet work in the Mail app to switch between fields, since the return key label in that app is the default "Return" label. But searching in the Mail app should work as expected, same with searching in the App Store, Safari, Messages, Spotlight and others.
- Changed default emojis. If you have already customized your emojis, this will not affect you.

Please report any crashes or text loss, together with a detailed description of what you were doing in the last few seconds leading to the issue. If possible, please attempt to reproduce the issue as soon as it happened. If you manage to reliably reproduce the issue, we can follow those steps and almost certainly address it very quickly after that.

Thank you for testing FlickType, and help us spread the word!

Kosta and Ashley

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