Re: Build 123

Ed Worrell <ed.worrell@...>

Hey Benny,

Yeah, I think the issues started for me with this last update. I have reinstalled the keyboard, restarted my device, opened FlickType and then opened settings, went to keyboard, properly installed the keyboard and allowed all permissions. When I manually type a word and move to the next character Voiceover interupts with the phonetics of the previous character. VoiceOver is also talking over itself when I'm typing. It spells out the previous word when I start a new word. This build is very verbose.

I have noticed that the phonetics issue is mostly on the left side of the keyboard...


On Jul 1, 2018, at 7:08 PM, Benny Barber <> wrote:

I have not had these phonetics issues yet. I'm on a 5S. Thanks.

On Jul 1, 2018, at 7:51 PM, Ed Worrell <> wrote:

Hey Kosta,
I can confirm that the phonetics bug is in this current build only. VoiceOver also seems to be interfering with the spelling speech function as well. I will now try to reinstall, and see what happens.

On Jul 1, 2018, at 6:27 PM, Chuck Dean <> wrote:


I have searched in many different apps. The search button works great. Nice that I no longer need to dismiss the keyboard to hit the search button.
So far, no problems!😎


On Jul 1, 2018, at 4:52 PM, Ed Worrell <> wrote:

Hello Kosta,

This is amazing! It works as advertised!👍🏻
I have been waiting for this feature. I am glad to see you are to a point to push the feature out to alpha testers.. I just ran into a small verbocity issue. When manually typing a word such as testers, the phonetics of the word interrupt typing each character. Just a minor bug in this release. I will reinstall the previous build and see if it's there too.

Again great job!

On Jul 1, 2018, at 5:38 PM, FlickType <> wrote:

- Experimental: Using the return key or the new line gesture on text fields with a return key label of "Search", "Done", "Go" or similar will trigger the action and dismiss the keyboard. Note that this will not yet work in the Mail app to switch between fields, since the return key label in that app is the default "Return" label. But for example searching in the Mail app should work as expected, same with searching in the App Store, Safari, Messages, Spotlight and others.

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