Re: Build 44

Chanelle Allen

This is another awesome version of FlickType! Thank you, Kosta and Ashley! The new flick down and hold gesture works well and as expected. I am also curious as to why new menu gestures are being introduced. I appreciate that VoiceOver now announces what it should every time the tap and hold gesture is invoked to find letters/numbers/symbols. I am also hearing VoiceOver announce when I delete incorrectly typed characters. Maybe the more we type, the more confident we will become about what is being deleted. I am slightly embarrassed that I have not used FlickType on a regular basis since it is quicker to type short texts using braille screen input directly in the Messages or Mail app, but being a member of the alpha group has given me motivation and excitement for when FlickType becomes a keyboard.
By the way, someday, it would be so neat if we could actually type on our wrists! I think that the apple watch needs more processing power though.

On Apr 21, 2018, at 00:36, Macster <> wrote:

Hi guys,

I'm very happy to say the two problems I encountered with the previous build are now not an issue. Superb job in a short period of time again. I like the idea of announcing deletion of partial words, though as you say it might be difficult to follow depending on the accuracy or otherwise of my typing.

I genuinely think this is the best the app has ever worked, and I include the old app in that as well. And the new flick down and hold gesture works a treat. Bliss!

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