Re: Build 114 prediction not as good?

Salman Haider

I have definitely noticed this as well.
Infact, I have to say that I have noticed a regression in the app's
ability to predict correctly at various points during the development
cycle/process. In certain releases, the app's prediction engine works
very well. Others, not so much.
It's a random thing. However, in the few times that I have mentioned
it on the list, it hasn't seemed like others have encountered the
issue as much or as frequently.
I have not said anything about it ever since, thinking maybe it's just me.
I also have to say that I never started a brand new discussion thread
about it, each time I experienced this issue with a certain release.

That said, version 114 has definitely given me more issues with
getting the accurate prediction, just like various other random
releases have in the past. This time too, I did not mention it right
away, thinking that like before, maybe it's just me who has felt it.
So in a way, I am glad that more people are experiencing the same
issue as well and reporting it.
I think it would allow Kosta to tackle the problem more effectively
and efficiently, the more reports he receives.
Obviously the prediction engine becoming a bit more inaccurate is an
issue being caused inadvertently.

Version 112 seems to work quite well for me and that's what I have on
my device at this time.

On 6/28/18, Chuck Dean <cadean329@...> wrote:
Build 114 prediction not as good?
Hello everyone,
Is it my imagination or is the predictions in build 114 a little off? It
seems like I am having to swipe down a lot more than usual.
For example I went to type the word "on" end the first prediction was "of".

Anyone else having this problem?


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