Re: [FlickType] Paying for custom keyboard?


Thank you Chuck, and your argument was nicely worded, smile.

I typed it out word for word twice and didn't lose any text, in the Mail app. A couple of things that come to mind:
- You mentioned that the first time, you lost half of your text but not all. Did you do anything special at that half text mark, such as switch or dismiss the keyboard?
- You said this is what you eventually wrote with Classic. Maybe there was a difference in the text that you typed with the custom keyboard? It's a long shot, and a long text, but if you can remember and arrive to steps to reproduce the problem, it will be as good as solved. And maybe it's something only in the later part of the text, the part that you lost, rather then the entire thing. In fact, if you only lost half because you toggled keyboards halfway through, it's almost certainly nothing to do with the text that you didn't lose.
- Some likely culprits could be the presence of new lines, manually capitalizing a common word, manual touch typing and emojis. I wonder if the actual lost text had any of those.
- Finally it could have been unrelated to the exact text. But twice in a row seems suspicious enough to me that I am almost certain there was something specific you repeated both times that caused the loss, and would cause the loss again if you were to repeat it.

I'm continuing to investigate.


On Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 3:52 PM Chuck Dean <cadean329@...> wrote:

Hi Kosta, 
 Here is the email I eventually wrote with FTC. 

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Chuck Dean" <cadean329@...>
Date: June 28, 2018 at 2:39:31 PM MST
Subject: Re: [FlickType] Paying for custom keyboard?

When Fleksy first came out I paid nineteen dollars and ninety nine cents as a one time purchase price. Unfortunately, even this high purchase price did not generate enough revenue to sustain the app, so they released it to the general public.
In order to please the masses the developers had to make Fleksy appear more like a qwerty keyboard, which made Fleksy almost impossible for the visually impaired to operate.

As you can see, a one time purchase price will have to be very expensive to fund ongoing improvements, maintenance and other languages.

Ninety nine cents a month is surely affordable for anyone who owns an iPhone and will generate a steady revenue flow, so FlickType will not end up in the scrap heap like Fleksy.


PS. Three and a half cents a day seems like a steal for a handful of magic.  😎

On Jun 28, 2018, at 12:19 PM, Chuck Dean <cadean329@...> wrote:

From the developer:

As we have a developing product that we will be making considerable updates
and improvements to, coupled with a small market, an ongoing subscription
model is the best way to ensure that the project is sustainable and will be
around for a long time. This, as well as the fact that we want to ensure
everyone is paying for what they’re using and not paying a one time
purchase for a product that they don't use a year or two down the road, we
feel that a subscription is best for everyone. That being said, things are
not set in stone as we are going to be fluid and adaptable to the

Please let us know if you have any other questions,

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On Fri, Jun 22, 2018 at 6:41 AM, Jessica D <jldail13@...> wrote:

I just opened FlickType and went to the upgrade tab.

I see that when it’s released, FlickType will require a monthly $0.99

I don’t understand why this is.
Can you please explain why you feel this is necessary, & consider making
it a 1-time purchase?

A lot of us, myself included, have limited funding available, and can only
use iTunes cards to purchase items from the App Store and iTunes.
When paying for a subscription, that funding disappears very quickly.

Thanks for your understanding,

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