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Salman Haider

Sounds good, thank you.

On 6/26/18, FlickType <> wrote:
Thank you Salman, this will be fixed soon.

- Kosta

On Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 4:39 AM Salman Haider

Hi Kosta,

I also wanted to mention an issue that I have encountered quite often
while attempting to manually enter text. I do believe that it has been
mentioned before; when manually typing, the incorrect letter is
entered sometimes. As in, the adjacent letter to the left or right is
entered rather than the one that you wanted to enter. This can get
very frustrating as one needs to keep deleting and then attempt to
enter the right character again, and it may be multiple times before
the correct one is entered.
Is a fix for this coming soon?


On 6/25/18, Benny Barber <> wrote:

I am still on build 105 and will be installing 108 within the next
Yes, I am still having issues with flicking through the alternative
list. As stated earlier, sometimes while flicking down through the
list, I
will get the click sound and a single letter will be entered. I then
that letter and continue flicking down through the original word list.
think maybe one time I had that occur when flicking with 2 fingers
left through the typed message word by word, but the issue happens very
often flicking through the alternative word list.

I have not had any text missing on 105 and I will be testing more on
If you can figure out the alternative word list flicking problem, it
would be great. It sure does slow down the typing when I have to
pretty often. Thanks for the great work. I'll let you know if I find
anything else.


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Hi Benny, Dan and Paul, I just wanted to check in and see if you have
update on any of the major issues you reported.
Thank you,

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