Re: Build 111

Benny Barber

This problem is occurring while never leaving FlickType. It seems to happen on lengthy messages and checking the text with the 3 finger hole multiple times. Thanks.

On Jun 26, 2018, at 3:20 PM, FlickType <> wrote:

Thank you Benny. On the 3 finger hold to read back, there are some limitations that we hope to overcome in the future. FlickType will only be able to read back text that it knows is there, and if you happen to switch keyboards or more generally switch to FlickType to edit or append existing text, iOS will not tell us what the entire contents of the text field are. Instead, we will only get the one or two sentences nearest to where the cursor is. This is the same reason why sometimes you might be unable to move the cursor past a sentence boundary, even though there might be more text in the underlying textfield. From this it also follows that the text that you read back is also the text that you can move the FlickType cursor through.

And if, for example, you start typing with FlickType on a blank textfield, and never switch out of FlickType until you are done, you should always be able to read back everything that you have typed.

Hope this makes some sense, and please let us know if you are still experiencing something unexpected.


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