Re: Build 111, working well

David Nason

I agree. With the delay as it is now, I am happy to leave the feature switched on. It doesn't interupt me too often, but I know it is there when I do need it.

I've noticed a little bug by the way. It is happening in WhatsApp and the native Messages app, but not in Mail.
If I type a sentence, then dismiss or switch the keyboard. Then bring the cursor back to the start of the text field, in order to type something that I want to appear before the text I've already typed.
Any text I type there with FlickType will not successfully appear in the text field. It is just lost.
The work around is to insert a space between the cursor and the original text.

Hope that makes sense!


On 26 Jun 2018, at 18:13, Chuck Dean <> wrote:

Hi Kosta,
I have been playing with the spelling and phonetics. I think you have the delay set perfectly. Normally I would turn off the spelling, but there is enough delay so my typing is not interrupted.
Good work, as usual!

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