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Benny Barber


I am still on build 105 and will be installing 108 within the next hour.
Yes, I am still having issues with flicking through the alternative word
list. As stated earlier, sometimes while flicking down through the list, I
will get the click sound and a single letter will be entered. I then delete
that letter and continue flicking down through the original word list. I
think maybe one time I had that occur when flicking with 2 fingers right and
left through the typed message word by word, but the issue happens very
often flicking through the alternative word list.

I have not had any text missing on 105 and I will be testing more on 108.
If you can figure out the alternative word list flicking problem, it sure
would be great. It sure does slow down the typing when I have to delete
pretty often. Thanks for the great work. I'll let you know if I find
anything else.


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Hi Benny, Dan and Paul, I just wanted to check in and see if you have an
update on any of the major issues you reported.
Thank you,

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