Re: Build 42

Chuck Dean

Hello Santiago,
When I do the flick up and hold from the bottom gesture, I start in the middle of the screen flick up about an inch and then hold. It does not bring up the control panel if you stay in the middle of the screen, and works every time.
I have also reverted back to the two finger swipe up, because are usually used to finger double tap to bring up the export text panel so it just seems natural to me.


On Apr 20, 2018, at 3:49 AM, Santiago <> wrote:

The latest Alpha Version 42 seems to be working for me as well, although sometimes when I flick up and hold, my iPhone launches the control center, so I reverted back to using the two finger flick up gesture to open the menu.

On Apr 20, 2018, at 2:43 AM, Maria and Joe Chapman <> wrote:

HI. the flick up is working for me no matter where I do it from, but I also am unable to get a letter to be capital.

Everything else is working very well.


On 20 Apr 2018, at 6:19 pm, Macster <> wrote:

Hi guys,

I have been testing build 42 and have noticed two problems...

The first is if you use the new flick up and hold gesture and begin flicking too close to the bottom of the screen, it somehow manages to bring up a combination of the menu and the control menu. Trying to use the home button doesn't seem to work to disregard the control center, even a triple click which should, in my set up, turn VoiceOver off doesn't work. Touching the top right of the screen after a few seconds was the only way I could get out of this culdesac. I've no idea if this would be possible, but in the area above the punctuation and numbers etc where we used to press and hold to bring up the menu, could the flick up and hold gesture be used only in that area to avoid the double activation of accidentally getting both if starting the initial flick too close to the home button? It works no problem if so.

And the other issue I've noticed is I can't capitalize a letter using the single flick up after manually typing now. For example, I was typing to my sister regarding my nephew mark. If I press the letter m alone, then flick up and I'd expect to hear capital m, but there is no announcement. I then type the rest of his name and flick right but only ark is entered. Its as if the flick up disregards the initial press of the letter m. Could this be because the swipe up is ”expecting” the hold of the new gesture for the menu? This can be reproduced with any word you type with a capital at the start, and you'll get a word one letter shorter than the desired word. I hope this is an easy fix?

Other than this, the actual typing is extremely slick and the rate at which you guys are sending out the updates is incredible and has not gone unnoticed.

Many thanks,


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