Re: Build 104


Hi Kosta.

I'm happy to report I've been using this build quite a bit this morning and touch wood I've not encountered the dreaded disappearing text issue at all yet. I've typed messages and a couple of emails, including this one, and made a point of trying typing at different speeds, using the manual input for stand alone capitals which triggered the issue for me before, phone numbers, postcode entry, and just randomly hit everything trying to break it but it has stood up to the test very well👍. I hope others have a similar experience and here's hoping you've nailed it and its stable from here.

This could be wide of the mark but for those who have had the disappearing text issue more than I have, how many keyboards do you have active? I could be wrong but normally I only have the standard iOS and FlickType keyboards active, but I enabled the emoji keyboard to add a few extra options to the emoji list. This was when I experienced the text disappearing, but once I disabled it and only had my usual two keyboard options available I haven't experienced it again. Like I said, this is probably clutching at straws or just a coincidence but thought I would mention it anyway.



On 23 Jun 2018, at 06:40, FlickType <> wrote:

- Fixed some more text loss issues. Please test this build as much as possible, and continue to report all text loss incidents with a date and time of when it happened.

Thank you for testing, we really appreciate it as always.

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