Re: Build 95

Chuck Dean

Lol, yes, I can see where an eye catching icon would be necessary for the visually impaired.😎

On Jun 19, 2018, at 11:27 AM, FlickType <> wrote:

We will consider a one-off purchase option after we launch. On the sounds, there will definitely be an update that will at least offer the option to have sounds play on touch down, like in the classic app.

It should be evident that our normal feature development activity has slowed down significantly due to the purchasing structure that needs to be put in place. This has taken much longer than anticipated, but is a necessary step for the project to be successful and long-term. Also paid app reviews can be a long and tedious process, that is often slowed down by many things you wouldn't expect. Hopefully once the main structure is in place and the app has been approved by Apple, we can resume our regular rapid-fire schedule of feature updates for you all, smile.

Funny story: the last build we attempted to submit to the App Store got rejected for having a blank icon, with Apple telling us we need to have a more eye-catching graphic.

- Kosta

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