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Hi Kosta, Ashley and team.

I too have gone back to build 86 having noticed the login situation others have mentioned. I did notice however that I could still type manually on build 88, but was prevented from using FlickType in its natural form obviously. I tried to dismiss the keyboard and that was fine but I did have a few problems changing back to the iOS keyboard without the subscription enabled.

Regarding the subscription debate... First things first, as I've said on many occasions before, the work Kosta and Ashley have done in such a short space of time is phenomenal, I think everyone here agrees with that. The classic app is free and will always be there as a safety net regardless of people's choices when the system wide version is released which is great. Personally, I would rather a one off payment method for the full keyboard, with a secondary preference to a yearly subscription, followed by the monthly package. For example, I had a similar choice when looking at KNFB reader vs Prizmo Go, the first being expensive and the second being subscription based. I chose KNFB reader and to this day it's the most expensive app on my phone by some considerable distance, but I still use the free section of Prizmo Go for some tasks too. Its down to personal requirements and preference. I know none of us like it but our demographic is a smaller one and Kosta's programming skills are clearly high end and so we are lucky to have his and Ashley's complete focus for so long, and of course they have bills to pay as we all do. My largest concern is regarding the price point when it goes live and is discussed on AppleVis etc, as in the interview it was said that the new full version would cost less than the original Fleksy but subscribing for anything over 4 months will make it more than the original Fleksy, which might trigger some of the negativity that went on before which frankly got a bit out of hand. I hope I'm wrong on that as Kosta and Ashley certainly don't deserve that after all the hard work that's gone into this project. As a radio presenter I quickly learned that no matter what I do I can't please everyone and I feel this is a similar situation for K and A here but hopefully it can be discussed and worked out with understanding and dignity, and by that I mean the larger community and not anyone here. I hope that all makes sense.

Cheers to all,


On 16 Jun 2018, at 10:20, FlickType <> wrote:

There's a lot of changes under the hood in this release, so please report any unexpected behavior at all. We are also introducing the paid subscription feature, which has turned out to be quite complex to implement. Thankfully you can help us test out the purchasing flow, including deleting the app and then restoring your purchases upon re-installing, all free of charge. TestFlight will never charge real money, it will only simulate purchasing. We'd also love to hear your thoughts on the instructions and overall experience that a new user would have.

What's new:
- Updated content in "Welcome" tab.
- Added new "Upgrade" tab.
- The custom keyboard will now work without "Full Access", but it won't be able to play sound effects and will only have minimal touch typing functionality without flick gestures or tap typing, since it can't confirm the subscription without a network connection.
- Increased maximum emoji shortcuts from 6 to 10.

Kosta & Ashley

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