Re: Version 41.


Hi Team,

Happy to hear things are mostly running smoothly for everyone! The manual text entry has improved, but not completely resolved - we're still working on it. As for the dictionary import issue, that is a known issue and something we're also trying to resolve, not sure if that will be a post-system-wide keyboard fix or a pre-system-wide keyboard fix as we're still trying to figure that out. For the partial word deletion issue, we will try to add a deletion sound for the standalone app for those that have the deletion sound setting on as we don't want it to announce "deleted garble" since what is typically typed really does not resemble a word before flicking right and it can be confusing if the system tries to announce that word.

To make sure everyone is on the same page, our largest goal is to launch the system-wide keyboard in alpha asap and in order to do that, we need to resolve the dealbreaker issues in the standalone app and keep moving with the system-wide extension. One of the obvious dealbreaker issues is the manual entry bug, and a couple other things and then we will push the standalone app to the app store and move forward. Many of the issues specific to the standalone app will become non-issues in the extension since Kosta is building the system-wide extension from scratch and none of the shortcomings exist there. We will also be able to apply some of the newly built components to the standalone app, so lots of these issues can be resolved in the future with the work we're doing on the system-wide extension.

Thanks a lot for all the great feedback!

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