Re: Build 88

Sharon Kim

Oh also, one other question.
It says, that you increased emogy shortcuts from six to ten. but how
do I add new shortcuts?
Because on my end, even with the latest build, it only has the original ones.

On 6/16/18, Chuck Dean <> wrote:
Hello Sharon,
You can revert back to Build 86 by using the Test Flight app.

On Jun 16, 2018, at 1:32 PM, Sharon Kim <>

okay so I'm sorry if this has already been reported, but I'm sending
it, in case it hasn't.
Flicktype, is effectively broken since the latest build.
So I subscribe to flicktype, and it says the purchase was successful.
I go and I send a text. I lock my phone, and go away for a little bit.
When I try an use flicktype again, it says I'm not subscribed, and
won't let me use it.
Then, I have to go through the subscription thing all over again, just
to send one text.
This needs to be fixed, because I can no longer use flicktype due to
Thank you, and have a lovely day.

On 6/16/18, Chanelle Allen <> wrote:
I am having the same problems that others are reporting. At first, I was
prompted for my password several times. Now, when I resubscribe, I am
for my password once at the beginning, but the password field returns as
"You're all set" dialog appears. After canceling to dismiss, everything
ok until I receive the "FlickType not subscribed" message, which occurs
switching from FlickType to iOS and back again. Sometimes, I can make
keyboard switches before receiving the message. The restore feature does
recognize that I have previously purchased a subscription.
As with Build 86, text that I type is disappearing. It seems to occur
switching keyboards, reading back text--either by using FlickType or
VoiceOver, or when entering new lines. I was attempting to determine a
pattern or consistency to this disappearing text behavior before
Does text disappearing have anything to do with toggling visual
off? I must remember to toggle visual announcement off every time I
to the FlickType keyboard. In a future app release, could there be a
to permanently disable visual announcements for those of us who don’t
I think that I would also prefer a yearly FlickType subscription, but
monthly subscription gives people an opportunity to see how they like
FlickType and how much they would use it.
Thank you.

On Jun 16, 2018, at 02:20, FlickType <> wrote:

There's a lot of changes under the hood in this release, so please
any unexpected behavior at all. We are also introducing the paid
subscription feature, which has turned out to be quite complex to
implement. Thankfully you can help us test out the purchasing flow,
including deleting the app and then restoring your purchases upon
re-installing, all free of charge. TestFlight will never charge real
money, it will only simulate purchasing. We'd also love to hear your
thoughts on the instructions and overall experience that a new user

What's new:
- Updated content in "Welcome" tab.
- Added new "Upgrade" tab.
- The custom keyboard will now work without "Full Access", but it won't
able to play sound effects and will only have minimal touch typing
functionality without flick gestures or tap typing, since it can't
the subscription without a network connection.
- Increased maximum emoji shortcuts from 6 to 10.

Kosta & Ashley

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