Re: Subscription based apps

Sharon Kim

hello all,
yeah I'm not going to lie.
While I understand that you do generate more revenue doing it
subscription based, and now since I'm like relying on flicktype, I
might subscribe, but honestly, it would be better if there was a one
time payment.
I think, that more people are likely to buy it. As stated before,
there are a lot of blind and visually impaired people, who are short
on money, who do struggle from pay check to pay check, and may have to
save up a couple months to pay for the app.
I do understand, that you guys need the revenue. A lot of hard work
and dedication has gone to it.
That is completely understandable, but it is more likely you would
generate more revenue with one base price for the app. That is how
MBraille, and other keyboard apps do it.
Okay I'm done talking, thank you and have a lovely day.

On 6/16/18, George Cham <> wrote:
Hi chuck and all, the cost of the monthly subscription will depend on the
country that the user is in. I have 2 subscriptions from apple. I cloud, and
I tunes match . Both are yearly subscriptions. My I cloud is a legacy plan.
When apple introduced I cloud, they were offering yearly plans. I'm happy
with this, even tho the monthly storage plans are great value here in
Australia, I don't like apple taking money out of my card or store credit.

Kind Regards,

George Cham

From: <> on behalf of
Chuck Dean <>
Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2018 5:50:07 AM
To: Alpha
Subject: [FlickType-alpha] Subscription based apps

Hello everyone,
I have had subscription based apps in the past, none at the present time,
so I am ok with the idea.
Obviously, a subscription will generates more revenue than a one time
purchase, so I understand why it is prefered by Kosta and Ashley. And I
think they deserve the money. I do wonder if the $3 a month charge may scare
off some people, remembering the visually impaired community has about an
80% unemployment rate.

Personally, I have no money worries, and I will subscribe to the App to
support the App, if for no other reason. But being a huge fan of FlickType
classic, I wonder if others may be satisfied with the classic App.


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