Re: Build 88

Michael Maslo

Hello I also downgraded to the previous version. I kept getting the same issues as chuck. Everytime I put my password in it asked for it again and then I get the thank you message. As soon as I went back to the message application it said it was not registered or something like that. In the current state the keyboard is unusable.

On Jun 16, 2018, at 13:23, Salman Haider <> wrote:

Exactly what I experienced. Up until the reverted back to version eighty six part.

On Jun 16, 2018, at 1:59 PM, Chuck Dean <> wrote:

Build 88
I also had a lot of problems entering my password. I had to do it twice, and after it said I was successful, it asked for my password again. I hit cancel and then it said, thank you for supporting FlickType.

Once I started typing everything seemed ok, but after I dismissed the keyboard and then went back to type, it asked for my password again. I reverted to build 86 and went back to finish the email, but all of my text was gone.

I started a new email using build 86 and when I moved the cursor back to enter a line of text before the last line I typed, the text I typed last disappeared.

I am using FlickType classic to type this email.

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