Re: Build 86


Hi Kosta and Ashley,

This is yet another solid build. I've just typed a few of the train station names between here and Glasgow, dismissed the keyboard, brought it up again and hey presto they're in the dictionary. This is a genius idea and well executed first time! I don't think you are miles away from an app store version now, more dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

I agree with Ed that the flick left and hold to quick delete would be great, as is Chuck's phonetics request. I think I have only two more to suggest if that's ok...

1 After typing a word in the classic app, wait for a second and its spelled out letter by letter. Is it possible to implement this again? And...

2 If its possible, could the feature of being able to capitalize a letter and then FlickType the rest of the word in this version? For example, currently if I want to type radio with a capital R, I'd single tap with two fingers, press the R, but when I try to FlickType adio, I currently invariably get shop. I hope that feature is technically possible as I use it constantly. I'll need to delete adio from my dictionary now though😝

I like having the options of having the next keyboard button and even the spacebar button. I personally don't think I'll use them but some folk might and the level of customisation of recent builds is becoming more and more impressive.

Many thanks as always,


On 12 Jun 2018, at 08:54, FlickType <> wrote:

- Added setting for a spacebar row, off by default.
- Added screen curtain gesture to hide or show the visual announcements.
- Automatically switch to the numbers layout on appropriate text fields.

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