Re: Version 41.

Alex Hiironen <l000b2a@...>

Anyone else having issues importing a dictionary from email? I click the link and nothing happens. Can someone confirm?

Background: I re-installed FlickType to check if having a fresh start might fix my holding for letter bug. In the process, I wanted to import my custom words, and found I couldn't. At least, I haven't figured it out yet.

Also, something else that was nibbling at my thoughts. What about exporting an actual dictionary file so a device without email set up (my iPad) can still import? Once a file association is made with iOS you can open that file from an iMessage for instance. it could also facilitate sharing of dictionaries with almost no hassle. Just some morning thoughts with my coffee.


Alex H.


On Apr 19, 2018, at 6:18 AM, Dave <> wrote:

I agree, i am fine with the 2 finger swipe up, as the single finger swipe, was opening my control centre.


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I personally think the 2 finger flick up for the menu works just fine. I am not sure that we need another gesture unless the 2 finger flick up clashes with something else.


On 19 Apr 2018, at 5:12 pm, Nozi <> wrote:

Build 41 is definitely a winner. It’s running very smoothly. To finger flick up for invoking the menu is working well.

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