Re: Build 81

George Cham

I'm still confused. To add more emoji's, do I need to add the emoji keyboard to my list of keyboards in settings?

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George Cham

From: <> on behalf of FlickType <hello@...>
Sent: Friday, June 8, 2018 9:37:27 AM
Subject: Re: [FlickType-alpha] Build 81
Currently, only the first 6 emojis you enter in the textfield will be available as emoji shortcuts. We can expand this to include some more, but we might always want to limit it since flicking through dozens and dozens of emoji won't be that great, and we plan to offer full emoji support in the future anyway.

Thank you for the facebook messenger report, it's good to be aware of it. I do want to note though that you can still do what you need to do without the Classic app, since you can now also type and export using the new container app, in the "Demo" tab. It doesn't yet have shortcuts for copy and clear, or automatically copy and clear on exit, but the share sheet does include a "Copy" option. Just making sure everybody's aware.

Thanks for the feedback, please keep it coming, smile!


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