Re: Build 80

Salman Haider

Thanks for the clarifications Kosta.

I now feel a lot better about the entire situation, knowing that
there's a FlickType Classic app on the way and will always be there,
while development continues on the new FlickType container app and the
associated custom keyboard.

This approach sounds much better.

Thanks again for clarifying, and as always, really appreciate all the
hard work and effort that you put into this.


On 6/6/18, FlickType <> wrote:
Thank you Alan for the opportunity to make sure everyone's on the same
terminology page:

A container app is an app that also includes one or more app extensions,
such as a custom keyboard, a share extension or a widget for the Today
screen. Container apps are usually where you go to read instructions or
configure settings for the app extensions.

Only one app will contain the custom keyboard extension, and it will be
known simply as "FlickType". This is the app you have right now and have
always had, and you, beta and App Store users won't need to download
anything new to get the custom keyboard feature update. We think this is
what most people expect.

The new app will be called "FlickType Classic", and will be exactly what is
currently on the App Store, which does not include a custom keyboard. It
will simply be there for the few people that want to stick with the original
app for any number of reasons.

Regarding "in-app keyboard": As you know, to use a custom keyboard you need
to first add it under the iOS Keyboards list. New users who just want to
give it a quick spin and see if they like it, usually don't want to go
through installing it first. So we are also running the custom keyboard
inside the container app (in the tab called "Type"), and this is what I
referred to as the "in-app keyboard". I can see how that might be confused
for the keyboard that runs inside other apps. I'm not sure what the best
term would be for this, happy to hear suggestions. Demo keyboard, perhaps?

Hope this helps,

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