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Hi Kosta and Ashley,

I hate to be slow here but I'm sort of struggling with what seem to be new terms and feel that a brief dictionary would be very helpful to me. I'm used to dealing with what we've been calling the main app and the custom keyboard. I'll list what new terms I'm finding a bit confusing with what I think are their definitions but maybe you could clarify any of my mistakes:

1. Container app. I'm assuming this is what you're calling what has previously been referred to as the main app because it contains settings that affect how the custom keyboard works and is presented. I appreciate that this has to be separated from what is now being called the classic app since the custom keyboard and its controlling app will have a price to purchase when they are officially released. Do you know what the official names of the classic app and the custom keyboard along with its container app will be called when everything is finalized? Also, will what we've been calling the main app magically become the FlickType Classic app when everything is finalized or will we have to delete and reinstall?

2. In-app keyboard versus custom keyboard. Maybe you could distinguish these with a bit more detail because I was thinking they were synonymous.

Thanks for any clarification you can provide. I find that words are great friends of mine and I want to use the correct ones with their correct meanings and this also applies to app terminology.

Alan Lemly

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Hi all, and thank you for the feedback. We really appreciate it, as always, smile!

We totally understand that some folks might miss some of the previous functionality, and we wouldn't want to ever take any of that away. At the same time, the in-app keyboard and the custom keyboard need to be unified in order to make the product simpler and avoid confusing newcomers.

So to preserve all of the previous functionally we will shortly introduce the "FlickType Classic" app which will have all the functionality of the original App Store app, always, for free. We've also done the extra work to minimize any disruption by ensuring that all relevant settings and dictionary words are seamlessly shared between the two apps. And as we keep improving the new container app there will eventually be few reasons to ever use the classic app, but we wanted to make sure everyone's happy until we get there.

Finally, just like with the custom keyboard, starting the new container app from a clean slate means that we can be far more efficient in the long term, even if that means a bit of upfront work. Thankfully most of that work is now behind us, and we will share the classic app with you as soon as it goes through Apple's review. In the meantime, if you really need the old container app back, you can switch back to an older build from TestFlight.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have, and thank you all for testing!


Kosta & Ashley

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