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And I apologize for the mistake with your name. I carefully typed out Salman but somehow that last n got changed to a b.

Alan Lemly

On Jun 6, 2018, at 4:41 PM, Alan Lemly <> wrote:


I agree with you. I use the main app to do the large majority of my typing on my iPhone 7 and if build 80 has changed it to this container configuration, I won't be upgrading from build 75.

I'll be interested to hear Kosta's reply to why the main app was changed at this time. I'm sure I'll come around because he obviously knows what he's doing but I'm not willing to risk my main form of iOS input at this time.

Alan Lemly

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On Jun 6, 2018, at 3:35 PM, Salman Haider <> wrote:

My view point will probably be an unpopular one, but I do not thing the main app, which is being referred to as the container app now, should have been changed. I have always felt a sense of comfort knowing that while the custom keyboard is still being developed and still has bugs and other issues to iron out, at least the app has existed in its stable, snappy state as a backup for any situation. Also, this could strictly be my experience, but I have always found the app to be more accurate in its prediction than the custom keyboard. It has simply always been better from that standpoint, which I think is the core of the FlickType concept. The ability to type seamlessly, quickly and accurately.
Not to say that I have not been using the custom keyboard, in fact, I pretty much use it pretty exclusively now. But still, just as a sidenote opinion, I have just always found the app to be very stable, snappy, and accurate overall. So I personally don't like the fact that it was changed up. Why not keep a very stable version of the app as a backup? Especially while the custom keyboard is in development? I understand that you may want to unify them at some point, but couldn't this have waited? Why do it right now, when there already are various issues to fix?
Why not keep the stable version around as a backup, which seems to do better with prediction in general, compared to the custom keyboard.
I know, this will be very unpopular feedback. And that is fine. I am sure others find the new concept much better, and I respect that. I just wanted to give my feedback on it. I do not expect most people to agree. I think this could have waited and the main app should not have been changed. Not right now at least. At least it should be kept available as a backup, while the other stuff is still in development and is buggy.
Yes, I also know that I can revert back to an older build if I want the older container app. But I just find it a little sad that that very stable build will eventually no longer exist in its original state. I just think it was changed too soon. And unnecessarily.

On Jun 6, 2018, at 11:54 AM, FlickType <> wrote:

Please note: This update replaces the container app with an entirely new app, and some features are not yet implemented. If you need the old container app for any reason, you can always switch back to an older build from TestFlight.

What's new:
- Brand new container app which helps us set the right foundation for the future.
- The first tab is called "Type", and is where you can use the built-in keyboard to type something and then export it using the top right share button.
- The second tab is called "Settings", and currently has some, but not all, of the previous app options. Your settings from previous versions should carry over.
- The third tab is called "Dictionary", and gives you full control of all your dictionary entries. You can read, delete or insert new entries using familiar iOS controls. All your dictionary entries from previous versions should carry over.

Thank you for testing!
Kosta & Ashley

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