Re: Build 75 and manual punctuation

David Nason

Thanks Kosta.
Yes I think going back to letters would be the desired behaviour. Personally, I would not want any announcement though, I would find that distracting as you suggested.


On 1 Jun 2018, at 23:11, FlickType <> wrote:

Thank you David.

When I was considering what to do with a short tap in the numbers or symbols layout, taking you back to letters seemed like a somewhat appropriate choice, as well as a very easy one technically. But I do think that the tap should count towards your typing of the next word, it was just a bit more complicated to implement so we'll address that soon. I assume this would be the desired behavior, please let us know if you or anyone else has any other ideas. Also one thing to consider is if we should announce the switch to letters, which while informative, could be a bit jarring or distracting if it feels like it's happening while you've started typing out a word - it might make you wonder if that first tap was registered, even if it was.

Thanks for the feedback, smile!


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