Re: Unpredictable cursor


It seems that dismissing the keyboard, any keyboard including the iOS one, will not preserve the cursor position but will instead move it at the beginning of the document the next time you double tap to edit that field. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's rare that people dismiss the iOS keyboard when using VoiceOver, hence the issue appears to be more prominent with FlickType even though it's not specific to FlickType. Sighted users will routinely move their finger downwards in order to scroll up and read earlier messages in an iMessage thread for example, the act of which slowly and interactively pushes the keyboard down to eventually be dismissed once it goes too low. But scrolling the message thread using VoiceOver will leave the keyboard up if it's visible. And FlickType has a dedicated button or gesture for dismissing it, whereas the iOS keyboard doesn't.

I've added this as a known issue in the wiki, and I'm not sure if there will ever be a workaround for that other than trying to move the cursor before editing the field, or moving the cursor with the VoiceOver gestures when FlickType has a half-screen mode.


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