Re: Build 75

Ed Worrell

Hello Kosta,

That’s great to hear. Congrats on getting the build out to the rest of the testers. I hope that they are as happy with the first fully functioning build as I am. Words being manually entered to the keyboard seems like a great option. Will there be any way to remove words in the future? I know you can manually type the word in the app and then swipe up to remove it. Will we have a list of words that we can simply just remove a unwanted word? I am really enjoying the current build. I do have two requests and I believe that you have replied, but I am not sure:

1. Phonetics when manually typing a word.

2. The use of the return key as a jump to the next field in the mail program.

3. Use of the return key for search fields.

4. Quick delete function. I am really missing this feature from the original Fleksy app.

5. The ability to jump to the top or bottom of a text field. I know that we can navigate by lines. This would be nice as you can do this with the default VoiceOver commands. This is as simple as double tapping in the text field to jump to the top or bottom when using the default keyboard.

I know that I have mentioned these before. This list is arranged in the most important to the least important for me.

Other than these few things the keyboard is great.

Ed Worrell

On May 30, 2018, at 10:13 AM, FlickType <> wrote:

Thank you Maria.

David, adding words to the dictionary will most likely be automatic and there will also be a way to view and edit all your custom entries from the main app.

FYI, build 75 was just released to the beta group, thank you all for helping us get a good release out the door! 😁


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