Re: Build 75

David Nason

Thanks Kosta.
One other question. In the app you can manually type the first letter of a word and capitalize it, then use flick typing to type out the rest of the word.
Will this be added to the custom keyboard?

Right now if I want to type "Apple" rather than "apple" for example, if I type a capital A, then attempt to tap out the rest, I get A poor

Another issue with spaces by the way too, though you probably already know...
Above, I typed Apple manually, and apple with taps. With the latter, FlickType inserted spaces after the first quotation mark, and before the second quotation mark. But it correctly did not do so with the manually entered word.


On 30 May 2018, at 17:13, FlickType <> wrote:

Thank you Maria.

David, adding words to the dictionary will most likely be automatic and there will also be a way to view and edit all your custom entries from the main app.

FYI, build 75 was just released to the beta group, thank you all for helping us get a good release out the door! 😁


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