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What is the app switcher gesture that is similar to the new line gesture? Iā€™m not aware of one...


On May 29, 2018, at 16:58, Chanelle Allen <> wrote:

I can confirm that FlickType no longer inserts a space after deleting manually typed characters. I knew that FlickType did not announce new lines but I didn't realize that one swipe left would delete multiple line breaks until now. As of a few minutes ago, I have performed the new line gesture and ended up in the app Switcher. Maybe my finger was further to the left on the screen than usual, so hopefully, this quirk is not encountered by anyone else.

I am just glad that one of the spacing problems is resolved.šŸ˜€ now, let's see how that emoji came out with FlickType and VoiceOver. Chanelle

On May 29, 2018, at 17:45, Paul Sutton <> wrote:

Just reporting that this build has fixed the inserting a space during manual typing error. Thank you.
I also wanted too add that VoiceOver does not amounts when you are deleting a new line. Also, when inserting multiple new lines, a single swipe left will delete all of the new lines that you have entered rather than one at a time..
The last thing that I would like to ask is when swiping left and right with two fingers to read word by word, is there a way of reading a manually entered word as a whole word rather than letter by letter?.
Kind regards, Paul.
On 29 May 2018, at 23:19, FlickType <> wrote:

- Don't add a space when deleting manually entered characters.

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