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Chanelle Allen

Hi Alan,
Thank you for pointing out the strange text at the end of my sentence. I think that I was trying to write the smiling face emoji, but I switched to the iOS keyboard to do so since I really don't know in what contexts to use the smiling face with sunglasses emoji. Yesterday, I also noticed the strange text you observed, but I thought that it had to do with Microsoft Outlook on my computer and the screen reader I was using.

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Kosta and Chanelle,

I wanted to point out something I noticed in Chanelle's post below that I've also picked up in posts from others. The paragraph that ends with I learn something new every day ends with a period but is then followed by a space and two question marks. I don't know what behavior is causing this but as I've said, I've seen it on other posts and if I'm remembering correctly, I believe they were from Chuck Dean. This seems like a bug or if not, something procedural that we users need to be aware of and adjust for if possible.

Alan Lemly

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Hi Kosta,
Thank you for replying to me. I tried dismissing the FlickType keyboard in Messages, and sure enough, send is at the bottom right. I would not have even thought of looking for it their because it's always above the letter p when typing on the iOS keyboard. The "Go," "Search," and "Return," buttons are always at the bottom right though. I learn something new every day. ??
I am also glad to hear that you will be able to add buttons to the FlickType keyboard without making things too complicated for new users and everyone in general. The reason why I made my requests also had to do with our list discussion yesterday about manual typing and spacing. You have always resolved FlickType difficulties in the past, and I am confident that everything will work out just great.

On May 28, 2018, at 22:58, FlickType <> wrote:

Hi Chanelle, and thank you for the long and thoughtful post.

We definitely want to make finer text editing easier with FlickType, so you can expect features such as moving the cursor by character as well as deleting individual characters to be available soon. We will also work on improving the current automatic spacing logic so that you'll have fewer errors that need correcting to begin with. We are simply starting with the basics, and proceeding slowly but surely with the rest of the expected functionality.

On the issue of the bottom row getting crammed as we add more keys, the most likely option is to simply add back a fourth row and make the keyboard feel almost identical to the iOS one when touch typing, but without affecting the Flick Typing experience at all, ie you wouldn't have to worry about accidentally hitting any control keys. This would also significantly ease new users into the system, where each control key could also offer a hint of how to invoke it using a gesture instead. Easing new users into the system will be a big focus area for us in the near future.

In your email you mentioned, quote: "When dismissing FlickType, finding and tapping the "Send" button is impossible without first double tapping the text edit field in the Messages app". As far as I can tell, you can access the "Send" button when the keyboard is dismissed: it's located at the very bottom right corner. Please let me know if this doesn't work for you for some reason.

Thank you,

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