Re: Text population question


Thank you Ed, and you are correct. If FlickType populates the text field as you type, then no text would ever be lost. The devil is in the details, though.

Even if you turn all VoiceOver typing feedback off, VoiceOver will still incorrectly play some sound effects like end of document after typing or changing any word. Additionally, it will also still try to announce some things, like when moving the cursor. I will still need to figure out some workarounds for those, and it's not going to be easy to make this robust, but it's probably doable.

Additionally, what I believe is currently happening is that the FlickType custom keyboard is simply terminated by iOS due to momentarily exceeding the tiny amount of memory custom keyboards are allowed to use, compared to regular apps. I believe something in the last few releases has caused memory consumption to increase ever so slightly, but enough to trigger the iOS termination policy. If that's the case, the first order of things will be to bring down the memory usage within acceptable limits.

Of course making FlickType populate the text field as you type is more or less a requirement for the half-screen option to work, so we'll definitely do more work in that direction, including making the return key trigger the app action whenever possible.


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