Re: "FlickType Keyboard 1.1 (73)" for iOS is now available to test

Chanelle Allen

I have also found that a space gets inserted after I delete a manually typed character and then finish typing the word. When doing a two finger flick to read over the word, the extra space is not announced. With the Last two FlickType builds, moving by character in manually typed words is possible. Upon switching keyboards and reading over the text I wrote, I am able to find the spaces separating parts of words. Typing things over again is sometimes time-consuming. Hopefully, this issue will be addressed soon.

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I just send an email to the group about this and mentioned it as one of the bugs I encountered. What I would add here is, not only is the Voiceover read back incorrect, but a space also gets inserted incorrectly at the point that that correction was made. So the word ends up getting split up.


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Kosta, if you type a word in touch typing mode, delete a letter that
you incorrectly entered, then flick right, the read back of the word
is not correct. The read back is from the corrected letter and does
not include the letters prior to the corrected letter. Thanks.


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FlickType Keyboard 1.1 (73) for iOS is ready to test

What To Test:

This release is solely focused on attempting to resolve text loss
and text duplication issues. If you ever lose any of your text for
whatever reason, please let us know, as well as if you ever get one
or more of your sentences to appear duplicated in the text field.
Please test as much as possible. If those issues are resolved,
there's a good chance we can then make the return key trigger the
appropriate action in some fields like search fields.

Thank you for testing,
Kosta & Ashley

To test this app, open TestFlight on your iOS device using iOS 9.3
or later and install the update.

In order to use FlickType Keyboard, you agree that crash data as
well as statistics about how you use FlickType Keyboard will be
provided to Kpaw, LLC and linked to your email address. Kpaw, LLC
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