Re: Two issues while manually typing

David Nason

Hey Salman,

I had reported the issue with the spaces being inserted into manually typed words, but I had not realized what was causing it. So thanks for that and hopefully Kosta can now fix it.

I also reported your second issue, which Kosta has acknowledged and says will be fixed in a future build.


On 28 May 2018, at 19:44, Salman Haider <> wrote:

Hi Kosta and Ashley and everyone else on the list,

Two issues that I would like to mention related to manual typing. I am
not sure if these have been discussed in any thread before, but I
haven't come across such a conversation if they have indeed been
brought up. I am going to detail them as best as I can:

1. During manual typing, there is an extra space inserted after the
last letter you type, if you make a mistake and swipe left to delete a
letter and then continue manually typing the rest of the word. Ok, I
know that sounds confusing, so here's an example. Lets say I am trying
to type the word"orange". I will start with the first letter o, then
type r, then I want to type a, but lets say I end up tapping s by
mistake. So I swipe left to delete the s, and then continue typing the
rest of the word. That is, ange.
Now, when I swipe right, I will hear Voiceover say, ange which gives
me the impression that the word was split up at the point I swiped
left to make a correction. This is confirmed when on checking the
text, it shows that the "or" and the "ange" have been seperated with a
space between them.

2. I also notice often while manually typing that the incorrect letter
gets typed when lifting the finger. Meaning, if I'm typing a word,
many times when I lift my finger to type a letter, a double keyboard
click sound is heard and the letter next to the letter I was
attempting to type gets entered instead. Which is why I find myself
swiping left to make corrections very regularly. But doing so causes
the problem I mentioned in number one. So more often than not I pretty
much have to delete the partial word and start typing it from scratch.



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