Re: Great built with some questions...

Sharon Kim

Hello all,
Okay the vanishing text bit... has never happened to me. Not going to lie.
I love the current build, thank you so very much for putting in the
next button. It is greatly appreciated.
One other thing, the 3d touch thing confuses me. I just sooner not
deal with it, especially if the gestures are going to be there.
I hope anyways, you wont' take out the gestures for the 3d things.
Because... no clue what those are.
anyways, hope this helps.

On 5/27/18, Chuck Dean <cadean329@...> wrote:

Hi Kosta,
My text has only vanished twice, and I do a lot of typing. It is not a deal
breaker for me.


On May 27, 2018, at 11:07 AM, FlickType <@FlickType> wrote:

Thanks for the comments.

On low vision color schemes, as well as the visual appearance of the
keyboard, we are planning to improve those soon, but probably not before
the custom keyboard launches on the App Store.

On 3D Touch not working for you Ed, it could be the iOS beta that's
causing the issue, but you can try adjusting the 3D Touch sensitivity from
the Accessibility settings. Also the pressure required for this to work in
FlickType may be more than you are used to - if so I might need to reduce
that threshold a bit. I should also add here that 3D Touch is not a main
area of focus right now, and in fact I mostly wanted to make sure that
nobody accidentally triggers it when they don't intend to. The actual
action may change, for example it could switch between letters and numbers
or symbols, and the action might even be configurable in the future.

On full emoji support within FlickType: this is definitely planned, but
might not make it before launching on the App Store. However, customizing
the emoji shortcuts should be there soon, before we launch.

On the shortcut options in the main app, are you referring to number or
symbol entry? We are currently assessing what we could do with an extra
row above the letters, and this could be a number row, or a common symbols
row, or something similar to the current app, but we want to make sure the
learning curve is not as steep as what's in the main app today. This will
probably be something we add post-launch. Also, it would be very helpful
if you could tell us the top few use cases that you love about it as it is
in the app now. And one final note on this, for email fields we will soon
make the @ and period symbols available in the main layout, similar to the
iOS keyboard.

Phonetics when performing manual input are coming soon.

On sometimes getting an adjacent letter entered when lifting your finger
to do manual input: this was not the case before, but I had to temporarily
disable the code that prevented that as it was making selecting the
numbers, next keyboard, dismiss and return keys harder to select. This
should be fixed soon.

On vanishing text: I am investigating this right now, and is I think the
biggest problem we are currently experiencing. One thing I'd love to
better assess, is how common this occurrence is. I understand that losing
your text even just once can be a very poor experience, but is it
currently happening enough that you'd rather use the iOS keyboard

Thanks for your continued feedback, much appreciated, smile.

- Kosta

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